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AIShield's SecureAIx platform offers a comprehensive, end-to-end security solution specifically designed for ML/DL and LLM/GenAI

AIShield SecureAIx Platform

AIShield's SecureAIx platform offers a comprehensive, unified security solution specifically designed for ML/DL and LLM/GenAI models. The platform follows a well-structured security framework consisting of four key phases: selecting the AI journey and identifying vulnerabilities, performing comprehensive vulnerability scanning, configuring and deploying targeted defenses, and managing risks and reporting. These stages provide a complete and continuous security management process for all AI implementations, ensuring robust protection throughout the model lifecycle.

AIShield GuArdIan

AIShield GuArdIan

AIShield GuArdIan offers comprehensive guardrails to protect and scale your AI initiatives without the risks associated with safety, security, and compliance. It plays the role of a cybersecurity middleware that fortifies your Generative AI and LLM applications against a spectrum of cyber threats during input and output. GuArdIan seamlessly integrates into customer premises (cloud or on-prem), offering a robust shield against prompt injections, jailbreaks, and sensitive information disclosure.

AIShield AISpectra

AIShield AISpectra

AIShield AISpectra is a groundbreaking AI Application Security (AppSec) solution that redefines how businesses safeguard their AI models and infrastructure. Merging the power of DAST and IAST with real-time defenses like RASP/WAF, AISpectra integrates seamlessly into the ML development lifecycle and operational deployment, providing an unmatched layer of security that evolves from development to live operations.

AIShield Watchtower

AIShield Watchtower

AIShield Watchtower offers unparalleled protection for AI systems through advanced SAST capabilities for AI artefacts (models files and notebooks). Watchtower automates the discovery of AI models and conducts comprehensive vulnerability assessments, ensuring your AI systems are fortified and resilient against potential supply chain attacks.

Testimonials: Trusted by Customers Across Industries

Real-world Success Stories : Building Trust Through Results. AIShield has earned customers' trust across diverse industries and use cases. Hear what our satisfied clients say about their experience with our AI security solutions.

AIShield Benefits: Secure AI Solutions

Protect your AI systems and maintain regulatory compliance seamlessly with AIShield's advanced risk assessment framework and flexible deployment options.

Out-of-the-box secure AI

Security comes as a core selling point for your AI products. Your AI model gets end-to-end security features throughout the product lifecycle with vulnerability analysis, defense generation, real-time threat identification, and telemetry.

Flexible EDR mechanisms

Built for customization, the AIShield enables the deployment of end-point defense mechanisms along with the original model in target environments such as cloud or embedded.

Easy automated workflows

Available as a Cloud-SaaS offering with interactive, user-friendly dashboards, metrics, and reporting with API integration with your MLOPs pipelines.

Bring Trust to AI

Detailed threat and risk assessment reports along with visual indicators and metrics along with relevant artifacts aid decision-making for business leaders and product managers in the continuous protection of their AI systems.

Protect IP and Investments

With the in-built telemetry feature, the automated defense mechanisms as a part of your AI system will aid in the protection of crucial IP and assets and thus keep your business safe from the market impact of attacks.

Enable Regulatory Compliance

Leverage proprietary risk assessment framework and vulnerability scanning feature to demonstrate compliance with relevant regulatory guidelines with easy and accessible documentation required for certification.

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