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AI Security Solutions


AIShield’s multi-disciplinary strategic partnerships: Delivering secure, safer, and responsible future for AI applications across industries


AIShield Partner Ecosystem

A strong network of Cybersecurity Vendors, Consultants, Cloud Players, System Integrators and Strategic Alliance Partners to cater to most complex of customer requirements across multiple industries and use cases.

System Integrators

  1. IBM
  2. Dell
  3. blank
  4. blank


  1. AWS
  2. Azure Marketplace
  3. blank
  4. blank


  1. WhyLabs
  2. Fortanix
  3. Sagemaker
  4. Clear ML
  5. MLFlow
  6. Azure ML


  1. IBM Q Radar
  2. Azure Sentinel
  3. Splunk
  4. blank


  1. cyberacta
  2. Veridat
  3. Validate ML
  4. blank


  1. AIIA
  3. MISA
  4. blank


  1. GCP
  2. HPE
  3. Snyk
  4. Databricks

Partner Testimonials


"Fortanix is extremely excited about our the integration of our Confidential AI platform with Bosch AIShield. By leveraging the power of Fortanix’s enclave-based Confidential Computing as well as Bosch AIShield’s AI Model Security, the solution allows our joint customers to confidently adopt AI technologies, knowing that their sensitive data is protected in use and safeguarded against adversarial attacks. This innovative solution allows organizations to significantly reduce the attack surface of AI based analytics.

We see this as a game-changer for organizations that are relying on AI based analytics for business critical applications, such as the healthcare and industrial markets, enabling them to fully realize the potential of AI while maintaining trust and confidence. We are proud to offer this powerful solution to our customers, helping them to overcome their data security challenges and embrace the future of AI."

- Patrick Conte, Vice President - Business Development & Strategic Alliance | Fortanix


"AI and machine learning are improving healthcare with early disease detection, consistent data analysis, and increased access to care. However, adversaries can attack these ML-driven healthcare systems, Software as Medical Devices (SaMD), and Machine Learning as Medical Devices (MLMD) potentially manipulating them for malicious purposes. CyberActa and AIShield have partnered to offer cybersecurity solutions to address these adversarial ML threats."

- John Giantsidis, JD, M.Eng. | President, CyberActa, Inc.


"Security in AI/ML requires new approaches because of novel attack vectors that teams must take into consideration as they build out their AI/ML infrastructure."

- Dan Jeffries, Managing Director | AI Infrastructure Alliance


"Trusting every link of the complex AI development and application process can be hard. Providers of digital services and those tasked with securing AI can now offer everyone a new level of confidence by adding Veridat’s explicit assurance of digital assets in the AI work flow to AIShield’s award-winning protection. Trust perfected!"

- Moira J. van Staaden, Ph.D., MOD (she/her) | Veridat

Validate ML

"With our focus on the validation and certification of regulated AI systems we are happy to be strategical partners with Bosch AI shield. They have not only built a leading edge platform for AI security, but are a hard working, very reliable team of experts."

- Prof. Dr. Oliver Haase | Validate ML