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Customer Testimonials

AIShield is a leader in AI security solutions that protect against adversarial attacks. We are proud to showcase the real experiences of our customers who have trusted us to protect their AI, which is essentially their business.


AIShield is the solution that we were thinking about for our healthcare solution.

CEO, Healthcare Startup with FDA cleared AI Device, India

Partnering with AIShield for AI security is already having a strategic impact on our ability to win large-scale AI RFPs.

CTO Data & Technology Transformation, Renowned Tech Consulting Corporation, Germany

The product onboarding and user experience are seamless. The product works well with Computer Vision use-cases, and API first approach makes it extremely useful for evaluating models and building defense mechanisms within our existing AI software toolchain.

ML Solution Architect, Edge AI HW Accelerator Startup, USA

AIShield is one of the only firms that has understood the enterprise AI customer problems and hurdles during adoption. AIShield has demonstrated technology capability and product to serve end-to-end AI Security needs in multiple domains.

Sr. Cloud Technology Architect, Top Technology Consulting & System Implementation Corporation, USA

AIShield solution approach is very unique and fits our need to make AI trustworthy. AIShield is a first vendor to demonstrate Security, explicability and bias solution together.

Sr. Director AI/ML, Leading Bank, UK