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With AIShield, leaders in all industries can trust that their AI/ML assets and intelligent applications are secure and reliable. This gives them the confidence they need to fully utilize the potential of these technologies.



Machine Learning is being used by healthcare and life science companies to improve patient outcomes and accelerate innovation across healthcare use cases such as Medical Imaging Analysis (COVID, Radiology), Precision Medicine and Virtual Health.

AIShield helps these companies confidently advance their ML initiatives by reducing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance at every stage of the ML lifecycle.

AIShield Healthcare


AI has the potential to transform the automotive industry through self-driving cars, driver assistance systems, and improved safety, but it also introduces security concerns.

To address these issues, AIShield provides the technology to prioritize security in the design and development of AI systems and ensure all connected vehicles meet minimum security requirements.

AIShield Automotive


Adversarial attacks in financial services industry involve feeding the AI systems malicious or manipulated data in order to trick it into making incorrect decisions or predictions. In the financial industry, such attacks could be used to manipulate stock prices or lending algorithms, disrupt trading algorithms, leak personal information or commit fraud.

With AIShield, financial institutions gain greater confidence in the security of their AI systems and better protect themselves and their customers against adversarial attacks.



In manufacturing, adversarial AI attacks involve feeding the AI system malicious or manipulated data in order to trick it into making incorrect decisions or predictions. Such attacks could be used to disrupt production processes, extract and steal IP, manipulate quality control systems, or to commit fraud.

With AIShield, manufacturing companies enhance their security monitoring, alerting capabilities, and improved workflows that can detect and respond to anomalous activity and protect against any potential damage.

AIShield Manufacturing


Artificial intelligence (AI) is being increasingly used in the telecommunications industry to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences. AI can also be used to improve the accuracy and speed of decision-making, and to automate a range of tasks and processes within the telecommunications industry.

AIShield helps telecommunication companies secure their networks and systems against attacks that use adversarial AI techniques to disrupt service or gain unauthorized access.

AIShield Defense