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AIShield helps these companies confidently advance their ML initiatives by reducing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance at every stage of the ML lifecycle.


AIShield can secure your Healthcare AI and bolster patient safety

Trustworthy AI is a cornerstone for realizing AI’s transformative potential. AIShield has made AI safer across healthcare use cases (Medical Imaging Analysis – COVID, Radiology; Precision Medicine, Virtual Health), by making AI models more robust against attacks to yield wrong outcomes for patients. Going forward, such revolutions in securing AI can impact millions of lives across the globe enabling safer, smarter, sustainable, and evolutionary digital transformations.

  • Bring Trust to AI (Reduced Barrier to adoption for AI SaMD and CDS)
  • Enable Regulatory Compliance (Faster GTM)
  • Protect IP and Investments (Financial prudence & brand protection)
  • Out-of-the-box secure AI
  • Flexible EDR mechanism
  • Easy automated workflows

AIShield provides vulnerability analysis and end-point protection against novel AI threats. It ensures patients safety by protecting AI-based medical devices (including cloud) against critical breaches and attacks targeted for manipulation and misbehavior. AIShield solutions can help MedTech providers mitigate AI risks, ensure patient safety, and manage regulatory compliance to enable sustainable business growth.

CES Innovation Honoree 2023

AIShield won the CES Innovation Honoree 2023 Awards in the "Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy" category.

CES 2023