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Press Release | 04 July 2023

Greenlight Guru and AIShield Join Forces to empower MedTech Companies with Enhanced AI Risk Management

AIShield and Greenlight Guru join forces to revolutionize AI security in the healthcare industry.

AIShield and Greenlight Guru partner to enhance AI risk management for MedTech companies

AIShield, a Gartner recognized leading provider of AI security from Bosch, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Greenlight Guru, the only purpose-built quality management software for medical device companies. This collaboration aims to revolutionize AI security in the healthcare industry and enable AI enabled Digital Health players bring their products quickly to the market while keeping safety and quality at the helm.

AIShield is a one-stop AI-security solution designed to protect AI-based medical devices in the face of emerging security threats. AIShield provides vulnerability analysis and end-point protection against novel AI threats. It ensures patient safety by protecting AI-based medical devices (including cloud) against critical breaches and attacks targeted for manipulation and misbehavior. AIShield solutions can help MedTech providers mitigate AI risks, ensure patient safety, and manage regulatory compliance to enable sustainable business growth. It protects and secures their AI assets against adversarial threats and brings trust to their AI through advanced capabilities such as monitoring drift, performance, fairness and explainability.

“We are excited to partner with Greenlight Guru to address the critical need for AI security in the MedTech industry. By combining AIShield's advanced AI Security technology with Greenlight Guru's Quality Management System, we are providing a comprehensive solution that not only mitigates and manages AI security risks but also strengthens the overall risk management function for AI-enabled MedTech and software as a medical device (SaMDs). Together, we are empowering MedTech companies on their journey towards responsible and trustworthy AI adoption, while simplifying cybersecurity and regulatory compliance processes. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and integrity of AI-based healthcare innovations.”, – Manpreet Dash, responsible for global healthcare ecosystem partnerships at AIShield.

"As a leading provider of quality management software for the medical device industry, Greenlight Guru is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower our customers throughout their journey. Our collaboration with AIShield brings an exciting opportunity to further enhance our offerings. AIShield's state-of-the-art AI Security capabilities combined with our Quality Management System (QMS) for AI-enabled MedTech and SaMDs bolsters the 'Risk Management' function, enabling a more responsible and trustworthy adoption of AI for our MedTech clients. This partnership not only simplifies cybersecurity and regulatory compliance processes for AI/ML-based MedTech, but also equips our clients with the necessary tools to effectively manage and mitigate AI security risks, ensuring enhanced patient safety and enabling seamless regulatory compliance. We are excited to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution that supports their journey to successful product release and launch." – Pete Plotas, Vice President, Global Alliances at Greenlight Guru.

The partnership between AIShield and Greenlight Guru strengthens the journey of AI-based MedTech players toward responsible and trustworthy AI adoption. By combining Greenlight Guru's expertise in risk management and regulatory compliance with AIShield's AI security capabilities, both companies are poised to enhance patient safety, streamline operations, and expedite time-to-market for AI-powered medical devices. Together, AIShield and Greenlight Guru are at the forefront of shaping the future of AI in healthcare. By combining their domain expertise, technological prowess, and commitment to patient safety, they are driving innovation and setting new standards for secure and trustworthy AI adoption in the healthcare industry.

About AIShield

AIShield is a Bosch start-up that aims to secure AI systems around the world and promote digital trust. AIShield's AI security technology is backed by over 30 patents and has been used by over 30 organizations in the automotive, manufacturing, banking, and healthcare industries since 2022. AIShield's products and solutions are used by organizations and system integrators to mitigate AI risks before and after deployment and make AI systems trustworthy and secure. This helps to improve the safety and trustworthiness of AI systems, as well as compliance with AI regulations and cybersecurity guidelines. In 2023, AIShield received several awards, including the CES Innovation Award 2023, the IoT World Congress Award 2023: Best Cybersecurity Solution, and recognition from Gartner in its Market Guide for AI Trust, Risk and Security Management.

About Greenlight Guru

Greenlight Guru provides the leading cloud-based solutions for MedTech companies to bring life-changing products to people faster, and with less risk. Greenlight Guru provides purpose-built quality management, product development, and clinical data management solutions that together help teams accelerate timelines, streamline compliance, and deliver high-quality products. With Greenlight Guru, companies across the globe are improving efficiency, speed, and quality in every aspect of their organization to get products to market faster and keep them on the market longer. For more information, visit

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