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AIShield AISpectra

Unrivaled AI Security through API-based Vulnerability Assessment, and Advanced AI/ML Security Defense Model

Product Overview

AIShield Product

AIShield AI Security on Cloud Platforms

Easily deploy AIShield for your AI workloads, available on both AWS ond Azure marketplaces.

The industry-leading AI Security product that protects your AI and advances trustworthy and responsible AI

Enterprise-ready AI Security Platform - AIShield

Enterprise-ready AI Security Platform

Based on deep technical research over four years and over 45 patents, AIShield is a full-stack enterprise-ready security product that defends and secures AI-based application workloads across on-prem, cloud, and edge environments.

Vulnerability assessment of your AI models

Vulnerability assessment of your AI models

Advanced vulnerability scanning against attacks such as theft, poisoning, evasion, and inference for computer vision, tabular classification, and time-series forecasting models with easy-to-use APIs and simplified dashboards ensures protection for AI/ML models.

Enables end-point protection, intrusion detection prevention and threat intelligence feed

Enables end-point protection, intrusion detection prevention, and threat intelligence feed

Easy-to-integrate threat-informed end-point defense allows for real-time threat detection and remediation. The threat-informed machine learning security model comes in an easy-to-deploy containerized format with pre-configured connectors to send telemetry.

Wide range of integration possibilities

Wide range of Integration possibilities

SDK and APIs provided can integrate into your existing ML workflows, such as AWS Sagemaker, Azure ML, etc. AIShield also integrates with monitoring platforms like WhyLabs and confidential computing platforms like Fortanix. Leveraging the preconfigured connectors with a threat-informed defense model allows us to send attack telemetry to SIEM/SOAR tools like Splunk and Microsoft Sentinel.

Compatible with market-leading SIEM connectors

Report security incidents and leverage threat hunting capabilities aided by vulnerability analysis and active monitoring on Sentinel or Splunk.

  1. Azure Sentinel
  2. Splunk
  3. IBM Qradar
  4. blank


Technology Usability Operations
  • Advanced vulnerability scanning protects against various attacks, such as theft, poisoning, evasion, and inference.
  • Support for 200+ attack types across 20+ types of models and data type variations.
  • End-point protection to generate threat-informed defenses. Intrusion detection and prevention to monitor and prevent new attacks in real time.
  • AIShield is compatible with leading AI development frameworks, toolchains, and software to enable flexibility and seamless integration
  • The next-generation solution connects existing SIEM, SOAR ecosystems to facilitate cybersecurity teams to detect and holistically remediate by exposing emerging threats faced by AI models
  • Integration and deployment of end-point defense mechanisms in target environments such as the cloud or devices.
  • Regulatory readiness documents with AI GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) and global regulatory standards for AI cybersecurity
  • Automated, consistent defense mechanisms to protect key IPs and assets.
  • Detailed dashboards are available for various stakeholders across all industries.

Ready-to-use reference implementations for seamless integration

AIShield has deployed defenses across the multi-cloud to edge continuum, and provides reference implementations with a python SDK.

Do you want to try AIShield for your AI workloads?

Ensure that your AI is never compromised. Protect, secure and ensure the robustness of your AI assets with AIShield. Currrently, we are provisioning trial licenses to help you experience our product.